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Future Fish AU Transform! Nanase HarukaThe others are still in progress but I’ll do them all someday! (・∀・ )

"Give’em a good one!!!"

It’s blurry because I can’t stop laughing… orz

Do you see Suga-mama puckering his lips and winking? DO YOU??!!!
"Tachibana Makoto likes chocolate. Though while he favors the coming together of sweet and bitter, and likes the view that the word is derived from the Mayan word “chokoh = hot” and the Aztec word “atl = water”, this summer, the once utterly sweet young man, realizes that —————.
Tachibana Makoto, without a doubt, will not be one to stay simply sweet."

NEWTYPE, August 2014 (pg. 17)

(note: As for chocolate’s word origin I looked it up and results mainly said that it comes from the Aztec words “xocolli” = bitter and “atl” = water… but there’s probably the Mayan/Aztec combination as well… and I’m just translating what’s on the page XD)

(Source: tatsu-to-mamo-no-atm)


;v; babies…


"So this is nationally ranked swimmer’s perfect booty body.”

I haven’t checked on Sousuke’s booty that carefully but I bet you’re right Ai-chan.